Community Plans & Projects

Safe Swimming Area

A community working group has been hard at work on the proposal of a safe swimming area in the vicinity of Rutter Park.  Placing  pipes painted in bright colours  and water spouts into an area using water from the bay will provide a safe area for our children to play during those hot Summer days! Currently the group is in the process of sending out a survey to gather Community information on this project.   Watch this space!   (Updated 6/6/2018)

Street Upgrade & Drainage Opportunity

The current opportunity for the township of Port Albert includes upgrading streets and the network of roadside swale drains. Specifically, these works would include:

  • Design and construct sealed streets at a width of 6m.
  • Design and construct roadside swale drains enabling improved drainage.
  • Design would be complimentary to any future outfall improvement works.
  • Sections of kerb and channel to define intersections – discharge into open drains.
  • New driveway access crossings with pipes at correct grades.
  • Walking paths between key destinations (excluded from scheme, funded by Council). (Updated 6/6/2018)


The Port Albert Tennis Courts have been in unusable condition for some time now. Port Albert Progress Association currently has $2000 allocated to assist with refurbishment of our tennis courts.  Can you help?  A meeting has been set up for anyone that wants to participate: 

(Updated 6/6/2018)    

 Port Albert Hall, Victoria St Port Albert  Friday 20 July 2018 at 7pm – All Welcome!


Port Albert Boat Ramp & Car Park Upgrade

The boat ramp is finished and it looks amazing!  Now with 4 ramps and 2 floating pontoons it will make it easier to get in and out of the water.  Wait times will be reduced.  At the end of each  pontoon you will find a fish cleaning table, sink and plenty of light.  These are powered by solar generated energy and work really well.  Plenty of space to tie your boat up whilst retrieving your car.      The upgrade of the car park will commence shortly, completing what is a beautiful addition to Port Albert!   (Last updated 6/6/2018)


Beautiful walkways onto the ramps
Wide ramps for easy of loading and unloading
2 new long pontoons to tie up